PC Minions

Playing Rules Encyclopedia D&D made it clear how much fun it is to have minions for PCs. Having farm boys accompany you, or soldiers-for-hire, means that you can muster massed fire (either in terms of javelins, bows, crossbows or ranks of soliders).

It does, of course, give rise to problems with the action economy – giving players with lots of minions a lot of “turns” at the table. I hope to counteract that by giving these minions very limited actions & hp.

Actions: Move Basic melee attack Basic ranged attack Aid another Skill check (limited number of skills)

HP: Farmboys – 1 hp, minion rules (and thus particularly vulnerable to auras, which would in turn make monsters with auras very powerful in comparison to other creatures, and mark the PC’s out as much more special) Soldiers-for-hire would have three conditions, full health, blooded, dead. After any one hit they go to blooded, after two hits they die. There are obviously issues here about raising their defences in some way (by items, levelling them up, better mundane equipment etc) to make them effective at higher levels.

There would also be issues about what happens to minions who are subject to any status condition such as dazed, stunned, blinded etc. Can come back to this.

PC Minions

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